Sindhu Dishwash Detergent

What is #PayWithPlastic?

An average Indian uses 84 plastic bottles annually. We felt eradicating bottles wasn’t enough so we turned your waste into a currency. On World Environment Day - June 5th, Consumers will be able to purchase our home care refills in exchange of your plastic waste! Every 10 containers/bottles will get you 1ltr of home care liquid of your choice! And there is no minimum order value.

Who is Sindhu Super Cleen?

Sindhu Super Cleen Dish wash has a unique formulation which removes the tough grease, clean all kind of utensils.

Product Features :

·    Cleans all kind of utensils.

·    Removes tough grease

·    Sparkles utensils.

·    If more oily & grease put few drops directly on utensils.


    Key Ingredients :

    Anionic surfactant, fragrance oil, preservative and color.