Sindhu Floor Cleaner - PayWithPlastic

What is #PayWithPlastic?

An average Indian uses 84 plastic bottles annually. We felt eradicating bottles wasn’t enough so we turned your waste into a currency. On World Environment Day - June 5th, Consumers will be able to purchase our home care refills in exchange of your plastic waste! Every 10 containers/bottles will get you 1ltr of home care liquid of your choice! And there is no minimum order value.

Who is Sindhu Super Clean?

Sindhu Ultramarine Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. is India based one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of wide range of cleaning, marking and toiletry products such as ultramarine blue (laundry grades), straight line chalk powder, dishwashing gel, glass cleaner, floor cleaner and toilet cleaners. 

Sindhu Floor Cleaner - 

Sindhu super cleen floor cleaner disinfectant surface cleaning liquid can be used either directly or diluted. For light soiled areas you should clean with sindhu super cleen floor cleaner mixed with water, whereas, for heavy soiled areas it can be used without any dilution. It takes complete care of your family by keeping your kitchen, bathroom, floor and furniture clean.